Canada research chair Prasad finds sexual harassment complaints silenced at work

October 1, 2018
Globe and Mail
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A study by Ash Prasad, School of Business associate professor and Canada Research Chair in Innovative Organizational Practice, has found organizational culture in British business schools helps enable workplace sexual harassment.

Study participants reported receiving sexist remarks, bullying and unwanted sexual advances. In every case, participants shared their experience with a manager, human resources officer or colleague and were encouraged to ignore the issue.

Here’s an excerpt:

“For instance, one woman, identified as Paula in the study, described how a female HR manager dismissed her complaint of a senior colleague’s unwanted advances as ‘hardly a crime.’ In addition, the manager ‘also rather patronizingly offered to speak to the accused on Paula’s behalf to clear any possible misunderstanding and make the environment more pleasant for her in the future.’ Paula was left feeling humiliated and unwilling to talk further about what happened.”

This story first appeared in the Globe and Mail.