Black offers post-federal election analysis

October 22, 2019
CFAX 1070
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School of Communication and Culture Assoc. Prof. David Black was interviewed by CFAX 1070’s Adam Stirling about the outcome of the federal election.

Here is an excerpt:

“If there was a wedge issue, if there was something that approximated a ballot box question, it was climate change and the axis between Canada’s resource economy and the existential problem of climate change. History might argue that [Sheer] was on the wrong side of the issue. A lot of Canadians I think voted with that in mind.

“If you look at the national vote breakdown, yes, it’s all well and good to drive up the vote to 65 and 70 per cent in Alberta and Saskatchewan, but the Conservatives distributed their vote terribly. They split the popular vote. It’s all about distribution. It’s not about how many votes you get necessarily, though that helps, but it’s where those votes are placed.”

This interview aired on CFAX 1070.