Black on conspiracy theories during COVID-19 pandemic

March 29, 2020
Vancouver Sun
Dirk Miessner
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Communication and Culture Assoc. Prof. David Black was interviewed for a Canadian Press article that appeared in the Vancouver Sun to discuss the rise of COVID-19 conspiracy theories.

Here is an excerpt:

David Black, a communications theorist at Victoria’s Royal Roads University, said while the world struggles with an epidemiological crisis, a battle for the truth is raging in a post-truth age where facts and information are often blurred.

“Post-truth is not lying,” he said. “Post-truth is where we stopped caring. We became indifferent to facts, to evidence, logical consistency.”

“Just when we need facts, evidence, logical consistency and fidelity to truth as we try to share information about a disease that could harm or kill many people, we find ourselves culturally unprepared to receive the information we need.”

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