Bird on sacrifices made by Dene of Délįnę in atomic bomb production

August 5, 2020
CBC News
Katie Toth
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War heritage expert and professor in School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Dr. Geoffrey Bird was interviewed by CBC News about the sacrifices made by the Dene of Délįnę in the mining of ore in Port Radium in the North West Territories, ultimately used for atomic bombs in World War II.

Here is an excerpt:

“An English-language sign connecting Port Radium to the atomic bomb was photographed in Délįnę in December 1945. Bird said that means people in Délįnę would have only learned about their involvement in Hiroshima after it was too late”

Bird’s film on this topic, A Moral Awakening, is currently being showcased in a virtual exhibit by the Royal Roads Library.

This article appeared on CBC News.