Axe helps youth charity plan for future

October 25, 2018
Whistler Pique
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Prof. Jo Axe of the School of Education and Technology is helping a youth charity consider its options for growth and expansion, according to the Whistler Pique.

Zero Ceiling provides young people who have experienced homelessness with the opportunity to spend a year living and working in Whistler. Axe is providing an evidence-based evaluation for the program as it explores its future.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“One of Axe's early observations is that [Chris] Wrightson and fellow co-executive director Sean Easton have been serving as the main sources of support for program participants. Zero Ceiling is ‘very resource-thin’ and could use increased levels of funding, said Axe. ‘If something happened to one of them, it would create a lot of pressure on the other.’ Axe is also advising Zero Ceiling to look at diversifying the businesses it works with.”

The original story was featured in the Whistler Pique.