Antoine on “textbook” racism toward Indigenous people

February 20, 2020
Times Colonist
Charla Huber
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Manager of Indigenous Education and Student Services Asma-na-hi Antoine spoke with the Times Colonist’s Charla Huber about the impact of systemic racism toward Indigenous people in textbooks and what educators can do about it.

Here is an excerpt:

“There is systemic racism in books, and when Indigenous students speak out about them they are viewed as radical, overreacting or called way too sensitive,” Antoine said. “There is a lack of safety for Indigenous students in this classroom.”

During our conversation, Antoine talked about how an educator could use these inaccuracies in lectures and to facilitate classroom conversations, but she has some strong recommendations that go along with that. Antoine mentioned that in classroom conversations, students might raise points that subtly or unsubtly reinforce systemic racism and stereotypes, and that the educators need to be able to identify this and address it when it happens.

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