Citation for David Dodge

David Dodge is one of the world's most respected Canadian economists. Throughout his career, he developed a record of providing stable direction during financially turbulent times. Complementing that professional acumen is his direct approach and honest opinions on the world around him.

Dodge’s career has spanned senior positions in the Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation, the Anti-Inflation Board and the Department of Employment and Immigration. After serving in a number of increasingly senior positions at the Department of Finance, including that of G7 deputy, he was appointed Deputy Minister of Finance in 1992. He later held the position of Deputy Minister of Health before accepting his appointment as governor of the Bank of Canada in 2001.

During his seven-year term there, he deftly managed through several difficult economic events, including the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, the dot-com busts and U.S. recession.  Dodge has been credited with keeping inflation close to target, while promoting strong job growth and the lowest unemployment in a generation.

A hallmark of his success is Dodge’s attitude that it is all right to make mistakes, that in fact it is important to take risks and not fear failure if you want to improve something. Dodge is a believer in education, and the vital role it plays in empowering people to be innovative. To that end, he has shared his expertise in the classrooms of Queen's University, John Hopkins University, University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University, and is the current chancellor of Queen’s.

Based in Ottawa, Dodge is now a senior advisor with Bennett Jones where he counsels clients on national and international economic developments and their effect on businesses globally.

For his respected leadership and strong contributions to economic development, Royal Roads is honoured to present David Dodge for the honorary degree, Doctor of Laws.