Navigating Uncertainty Webinar Series

Navigating Uncertainty Webinar Series

As we deal with increasing levels of volatility and disruption, attributes such as resourcefulness, flexibility, experimentation, and a bias for action are more important than ever before. Join us for this three-episode webinar series as we explore what it takes to navigate uncertainty and assume a more entrepreneurial approach to work and life. 

The Value of Entrepreneurialism in Challenging Times

As we collectively learn how to navigate an uncertain and disrupted world, we need to be thinking more strategically and creatively than ever before. No matter your industry or whether you're an employee or venture creator, having an entrepreneurial mindset is indispensable when confronted with the unknown.

Watch Bachelor of Commerce program head, Ross Porter, and associate faculty, Rita Egizii, engage in a discussion on how an entrepreneurial orientation has never been more essential than it is today.

Design Thinking for Disrupted Times

Design Thinking is an iterative creative problem-solving approach that is growing in use across a host of industries and sectors. Design Thinking helps individuals, teams, and organizations deepen understanding, surface hidden assumptions, redefine problems, and develop novel strategies and solutions to real-world challenges. As we encounter unprecedented levels of disruption to our work and lives, Design Thinking’s human-centered approach to addressing complex problems is more important than ever. 

Watch Bachelor of Commerce program head, Ross Porter, and associate faculty, Tabea Berg, engage in a discussion on how principles and practices of Design Thinking can make a difference.

The Changing Landscape of Work

We all have heard that the landscape of work is shifting, and this has never been truer than now. Social, economic, environmental, and technological forces, at home and abroad, are disrupting and accelerating changes to the ways we live and work. Change poses opportunity and challenge and requires that we develop new types of knowledge, skills, and abilities and more sustainable, durable systems to thrive. Regardless of your work context, the future is uncertain, and adaptability and resilience are critical.

Watch Bachelor of Commerce program head, Ross Porter, and associate faculty, Michael Pardy, engage in a constructive discussion on the future of work and what it means for people, organizations, and society.

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