Webinar - What’s in a Frame? Communicating in a Polarized, ‘Changing’ Climate

12:00PM to 1:00PM November 18, 2020 PST
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In 2019, The Guardian updated its media style guide to prefer terms like ‘climate crisis’ and ‘global heating’ as more accurate descriptors of the Earth’s current condition than ‘climate change’. This precipitated widespread debates over the role and the objectivity of news media in communicating about environmental concerns and debates mirroring those over the environmental issues themselves. For example, the CBC initially expressed caution over the “whiff of advocacy” in the term ‘climate crisis’.

How do we talk about ‘climate’ in the public arena and how can we inspire action through dialogue, despite polarized views on environmental concerns facing Canada and the world today?

On November 18th, join professor, Dr. Geo Takach, from the School of Communication and Culture for a lively presentation that explores the rising controversy over how we talk about ‘climate’ in public discourse. We will weather the storm to funnel through three questions:

  • What is ‘framing’ and why does it matter in communication, especially in relation to climate?
  • How has ‘climate’ been framed in Canadian news media?
  • What lessons does this offer for those of us working to depolarize dialogue and ultimately, inspire action on climate change/ crisis, as well as other formidable and urgent environmental concerns facing Canada and the world today?

Date: Wednesday, November 18th, 2020

Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm (Pacific Time)

If you have any questions, contact an enrolment advisor at 1.877.778.6227 or learn.more@royalroads.ca