Webinar - The Great Reset: The Case for Climate Action as Key to Economic Recovery

9:00AM to 10:00AM January 19, 2021 PST
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Today, more than ever, we are being called to reimagine a future that is prepared for and able to respond effectively to the impacts and risks of climate change and to do this in the context of the ongoing health and economic crisis that is COVID-19.

If we are to rise to the urgent and intersecting challenges of climate change and COVID, we need leaders who can design and innovate strategies that help build equitable, climate change-ready communities, and a sustainable future. The great question is: How can we keep the momentum on climate action going in the midst of the current economic reset?

Join us for a webinar on January 19th to explore how we can accelerate the actions taken to protect our planet and ensure its livability for generations to come by reimagining and reshaping our economies, our businesses, and our social contracts. Hosted by Dr. Robin Cox, this webinar will share insights into the opportunities for speeding up climate action through government stimulus spending, new business strategies (e.g., green public-private partnerships), and education. Panelists include Dr. Matt Godsoe, Director for Public Safety Canada, RRU alumnus and Doctorate student, and Adam Lerner, Founder & Catalyst at Solvable. This webinar is designed to inspire hope and empower action. It's time to stop following and start leading.

As part of this webinar, we will also share information about our new Master of Arts and Graduate Diploma in Climate Action Leadership programs. 

Date: Tuesday, January 19, 2021
Time: 9:00 am - 10:00 am (Pacific Time)

If you have any questions, contact an enrolment advisor at 1.877.778.6227 or learn.more@royalroads.ca   


Adam Lerner encourages leaders to act on the courage of their climate conviction through roles as a corporate climate guide, writer, and community convener. With a career that began in the NYC not-for-profit sector at the Guggenheim, Eyebeam, and the US Fund for UNICEF, his MBA was a transition to becoming a marketing strategist, which he pursued for fifteen years in various design agencies. In 2011 Adam founded Solvable which has designed and facilitated large-scale group collaborations in sustainability, health research, data analytics, real estate, as well as hosting a practice coaching senior executives on digital strategy. In 2019, Adam transitioned all his energies to mitigate the accelerating climate emergency. He co-founded Now What to have meaningful climate conversations over dinner in Vancouver. He launched a bi-weekly online climate publication, The Understory. And he teamed up with an awesome group of individuals to relaunch Solvable to support those companies who have set bold, science-based climate targets by catalyzing coordinated action amongst their employees.

Dr. Matthew Godsoe is the Director of the Resilience and Economics Integration Division at Public Safety Canada. He has held a number of scientific, policy, and executive positions within Public Safety Canada and Defence Research and Development Canada. His research interests are focused on scalable policy interventions that increase whole-of-society disaster resilience. Dr. Godsoe is a former technical rescue instructor, Search and Rescue volunteer and wilderness guide who spends as much time with his family outdoors as possible.