Alumni giving

Congratulations Graduates!

You know what it’s like to be a student. It takes courage to change your life. To set a new direction, to seek new opportunities to thrive and to contribute something more.

You did it. Through all the hard work, your cohort, your faculty, your family and so many others helped, but you brought it all together and made it work. Congratulations!

This year, convocation is an especially meaningful moment for us all. We are thrilled to be welcoming graduates from the past two years back to cross the stage with their cohorts. And not any stage – this will be the first-ever graduation ceremony at the new Dogwood Auditorium. We can’t wait to celebrate with you and to welcome you as alumni!

The Alumni Fund

Our alumni are truly inspiring! Donations to the Alumni Fund support opportunities that enhance the RRU student experience and keep us connected in important ways.

• Awards, bursaries or scholarships
• Grants that support student research and other learning opportunities
• Student aid funding that can flexibly respond to emergency and other needs
• Student services, equipment and other resources
• Opportunities for students and alumni to connect.

For more information or to get involved, please reach out toll free at 1-866-207-0080.

The Tomorrow Makers: Your 2021/22 Alumni Appeal

The 2021/22 alumni appeal invites you to recognize and celebrate the incredible difference Indigenous students are making in the world. Empowered, community-minded and innovative—these leaders are tackling climate change, sustainability and community development for this generation and into the future.

Your gift is a powerful way to support these newest leaders. They need your help to take the power of this place, every place. They need you to help connect our past and future generations. To think boldly about the leadership, gratitude and understanding we need today and will need tomorrow.

What we have achieved together

The 2020/21 Future Forward alumni appeal raised more than $73,000 for student awards and financial aid, research support and other student resources, with $60,000 going to emergency funding support of students, facing unexpected hardships. COVID-19 brought added challenges to us all and for students part way through or just beginning their education, job insecurity and the extra responsibilities of caring for family put completing their education at risk. Your support helped hundreds of RRU students to carry through in the face of many challenges.

You established the Royal Roads Alumni Giving Circle, and its founding members created a matching gift fund to double donations made by other alumni. And, in a time of global crisis, our international alumni reached out to join in, raising $30,000 to bring our early total to $73,000 in all!

In this time of great change and uncertainty, so many pulled together to help each other and show leadership in their own sphere of influence. We are so deeply grateful when we say thank you. You are inspiring people with the courage to change the world.

Our sincere thanks

We are truly grateful you've kept Royal Roads University in your heart. Your generosity and thoughtfulness will make a world of difference.

If you have ideas to share – or even just want to connect – we are looking for alumni to join our advisory group. Please drop us an email to say hello.

  • Maybe you received a scholarship, bursary or award, and you'd like to support another student in this same way.
  • Or you'd like to recognize a faculty member who made an impact.
  • Or you'd like to help preserve the beautiful grounds that nourished your mind and soul when you studied on and campus.
  • Or, you’d like to make an impact to the students that need it the most at any given time, addressed by the Area of Greatest Student Need fund.

You can make a gift online quickly and easily. We have other giving options for you to consider, too, including setting up your own fund.

For questions or conversation about your gift, please contact us.