Visiting Student Award

Value: $350 per credit for 2019 (pending review)
Special Audience: International

Please note that this award is suspended for 2020, pending review.

In 2019, the Visiting Student Award will be awarded through competition to select international students who are attending one or two consecutive semesters during years 3 or 4 of an undergraduate program under “visiting” status at Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The purpose of this bursary is to help reduce the financial barriers of international study to encourage the promotion of scholarly exchange and international understanding for visiting students from institutions abroad who have established agreements with RRU.

Visiting Student Award recipients are responsible for standard ancillary fees.


  • currently enrolled in post-secondary study at a university or college in their home country
  • the home university or college has an established agreement with RRU
  • offered admissions to RRU as a visiting student
  • describe in a one-page essay how you will contribute to scholarly exchange and promote international understanding

How to Apply

  • this Entrance Award is open to students who will be active in their program after the deadline date
  • pending the availability of funding, deadlines are:       
    • February 1st       
    • May 1st       
    • August 1st       
    • November 1st
  • complete Visiting Student Award application found here