Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement

Value: Up to $6,000
Student Research Funding

The Canada Graduate Scholarship - Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement (CGS-MSFSS) supports high-calibre Canadian graduate students in building global linkages and international networks through the pursuit of exceptional research experiences abroad. By accessing international scientific research and training, CGS-MSFSS recipients will contribute to strengthening the potential for collaboration between Canadian universities and affiliated research institutions and universities, or other research institutions outside of Canada.

Supplements of up to $6,000 are available to active SSHRC or NSERC award holders. RRU is able to nominate one NSERC holder and one SSHRC holder to the National competition to be considered for the supplement.

Important dates

April 2 competition launch
June 1 and October 1 (for if no qualified candidate found in June) competition closes
August 10 and December 10 results are released by NSERC or SSHRC

If you have any questions, please contact Financial Aid & Awards