FAAY Scholarships

Value: $2,500 to $5,000
Special Audience: 
Indigenous or Metis

Foundation for the Advancement of Aboriginal Youth (FAAY) - Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business

NEWS:  FAAY Awards now being administered by Indspire.

The number of awards is dependent on the sponsors of the program. In 2008 we disbursed 140 awards, 95 were scholarships and 45 were bursaries.


Canadian residents of First Nations (Status or Non-status), Métis and Inuit Heritage attending High School or a Post-secondary Institution full-time within Canada. Mature students and adult education programs are included.

Supporting Documents Required:

1. Letter of introduction: introduce your-self, mention education goal and career plan, any challenges, any successes, contributions to family, school, community, and answer why you think staying in school is important.
2. Proof of Heritage includes: copy of Indian Status Card; copy of Métis membership card; copy of Inuit beneficiary card; parent/grandparent heritage information & documents showing your relationship to them (long-form birth certificate, baptismal records.); letter of acknowledgement from First Nation, Métis Association or Inuit Agreement Administrator.
3. Original, signed letter from a school/academic representative: teacher, instructor, guidance counsellor, principal, faculty member, teaching assistant, sessional lecturer, practicum supervisor
4. Original, signed letter from someone, not related to you, who can speak to your commitment to your community: volunteer organization, aboriginal group, sports rep, camp leader, work supervisor..
5. Copy of most recent official Transcript or Report Card.
6. Copy of acceptance letter to program or proof of continued enrolment.
7. Recent photo in either digital or hard copy format.
8. Completed application form, signed and dated.


Application must be postmarked on or before June 1 of each year.


Monday, December 12, 2016

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