Undergraduate Healthcare Plan

Student Association Coordinated Healthcare Plan

For students in full-time, on-campus Undergraduate programs

The Royal Roads University Student Association (RRUSA) has contracted with the student association of the University of Victoria to be included in their extended health and dental plans. These services are provided to all undergraduate students enrolled in full-time face-to-face programs at RRU. The extended health plan provides benefits beyond what is covered by your BC Care Card benefits. Medical benefits are carried by Pacific Blue Cross, and managed through Student Care. Coverage includes dental and vision care.

All plan information, including benefit details, claims information, travel insurance coverage and benefits cards can be found online at studentcare.ca.

Opt Out

This coverage is automatically provided to all undergraduate students in full-time, on-campus programs. If you already have equivalent extended health and/or dental coverage (e.g., you are covered under a parent's or spouse's extended health and/or dental plan) you can opt out of the RRUSA plan. To opt out, please visit studentcare.ca.

Spouses and Family Dependents

You can enrol your spouse and dependants in the RRUSA extended health and dental plans for an additional cost. Same-sex couples are included in the definition of spouse. Visit studentcare.ca to enroll your spouse or family.