Student Association

The Royal Roads University Student Association (RRUSA) is incorporated under the Society Act of British Columbia as the University's undergraduate student association.

All registered undergraduate learners who have paid their student fees are members of the RRUSA, and may vote in elections and referendums, establish and join organizations under the control of RRUSA, nominate or be nominated for the Executive or Council, and stand for election or hold office. The RRUSA serves as a collective undergraduate voice, liaises with the University on a variety of issues, provides ongoing activities and events for learners, and administers the undergraduate extended healthcare plan.

RRUSA Constitution and Bylaws (pdf)

Offices and Elections

Information about RRUSA's elections can be found on the RRUSA website.

What does the RRUSA offer?

Events, Activities & Clubs

Healthcare Plan

Learn more about the Undergraduate Extended Healthcare plan.


Learn more about the U-Pass.

Connect with your Student Association

For more information please visit the RRUSA website, find them on Facebook or reach out by email RRUSA.