Peer Mentor Program

Peer Mentor designs and leads a range of activities related to the wellness of the Royal Roads students.


  • Supports and promotes positive health and wellness among online and on-campus students via development, delivery and coordination of workshops and programs
  • Acts as an informal resource for students and provides information to support their journey
  • Works in close collaboration with students, faculty and staff across the university to promote wellness and resilience
  • Proactively respond to student mental health concerns
  • Facilitates monthly meetings for the students
  • Creates a safe space for students to share their stories
  • Mentors and supports group members

Through this program, students gain a wide range of transferrable skills which are beneficial to their daily work life including:

  • Empowerment: developing confidence and strength
  • Facilitation: planning and executing meetings
  • Innovative: implementing new strategies to spread awareness on mental health
  • Leadership: leading teams and providing support
  • Resilience: responding to personal and peer’s challenges
  • Teamwork: collaborating and learning from each other

Application Process

Applicants must be in good standing academically and must maintain satisfactory academic progress as required by the university. To apply simply fill out the online form.

Rights and Responsibilities

Peer Mentors have the responsibility to familiarize themselves with the university's policies and are expected to practice and foster an environment in which individual learning and development is maximized.

For more information about the Peer Mentors program, contact Student Engagement.