Writing tip: APA Style 7th edition resources

December 19, 2019
Theresa Bell

The Writing Centre website has new resources to help students and faculty who are using the APA Style 7th edition rules:

APA Style (7th ed.): “Introduction to APA Style (7th ed.)” video

APA Help Guide: “APA Help Guide (7th ed.)”

Writing Tips: APA Style (7th ed.)

WriteAnswers: Updated 171 FAQs to include APA 7th edition details; search by keyword or view the APA Style topics

We have also updated the APA Style Formatting Rules, APA Style In-text Citations and References and APA Style Sample Papers pages with APA 7th edition information. We will continue to update resources, including creating practice exercises for the 7th edition rules and new FAQs in the new year.

For an overview of what’s new in the 7th edition, please see the American Psychological Association’s “Introduction”, and if you’d like to see what, if anything, is different on a particular aspect of APA Style, please search WriteAnswers by keyword as FAQs on APA Style now provide both 6th and 7th edition rules.

Please note that while we did our best to avoid breaking links, some changes were unavoidable. In particular, APA Style now takes visitors to a landing page where they can choose between APA Style (6th ed.) and APA Style (7th ed.), and the URL for the APA (6th Edition) Help Guide also changed. If you have saved or posted links to these APA Style resources on the Writing Centre’s website, please update this information and check other links to APA Style resources to make sure they’re still active.

Please contact the Writing Centre if you have any questions. 

Theresa Bell
Manager, Blended Learning Success