Career happenstance or career strategy?

January 9, 2020

It began a year ago with a Facebook post to Peruvians in Victoria. Luis Quispe, a business student with a background in supply chain management, was hoping someone in Victoria might be willing to lend him a national Peruvian flag to use at the upcoming RRU annual International Showcase. As the sole Peruvian on campus, he wanted to make sure his home country was well represented.

Not only did the Facebook post help Quispe locate a flag, it also led him to his mentor, internship host and future boss.

Alberto Callo co-manages the Facebook group and leads a supply chain team at AXYS Technologies in Sidney, B.C. The initial social connection through Facebook led to an opportunity when AXYS agreed to host a team-based academic project. The success and quality of the project eventually lead to Quispe securing an internship in Callo’s department.

The internship has been a profound learning opportunity, allowing Quispe to contribute his prior professional experience and academic knowledge to the management of complex logistics in the shipping of environmental monitoring systems worldwide. A simple Facebook post, a request to an engaged community and an opportunity not left to chance: career development can happen when we least expect it.