Community Service Leadership Project

The Community Service Leadership Project (CSL) is a pilot program in which students are able to access opportunities to connect academic learning with real life experiences by doing volunteer work in the community. Participating students select co-curricular volunteer opportunities at community events and initiatives that match their specific interests.

Community service is a great way to enrich your learning experience while making a real difference in the community.


In-person opportunities:

  • Baking with residents at Pacifica Housing
  • Home renovations with HeroWorks
  • Race marshals for CIBC Run for the Cure

Online opportunities:

  • Social media support for Creatively United for the Planet

Get Started

You can join the Community Service Leadership Project at any time. Just email us and let us know you are interested in volunteering.

The Community Service Leadership Certificate of Achievement

Students who participate in two or more RRU CSL initiatives and complete 20 volunteer hours or more will be awarded a certificate of achievement.

Any unexcused absences from pre-registered events will make students ineligible for the certificate.


We are grateful to Marriott International for their support of the Community Service Leadership Project.