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Helps emerging leaders deepen their understanding of their own leadership capacity through the development, presentation, and review of a professional portfolio that includes relevant assignments, products, and artifacts from their program of study. Addresses the role of reflective practice in the development of the portfolio, promoting self-initiated changes in perspectives and actions related to school leadership. Focuses on enhancing self-understanding about beliefs, values and practices through the development of a critically reflective orientation towards teaching, leadership, and learning. Examines the nature, models, and theories of reflection and reflective practice. Explores the use of reflective tools such as journals, personal narratives, and peer coaching to facilitate and enhance reflection on leadership practice. Prerequisites: LRNTLNK; EDLM501; EDLM505; EDLM510; EDLM540; EDLM550; EDLM560; EDLM570; EDLM580.