Vancouver Island University

Effective Date: 
May 21, 2013 to May 21, 2019
Vancouver Island University

MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT between Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo, BC and Royal Roads University, Victoria, BC.

Royal Roads University and Vancouver Island University are pleased to collaborate on the province’s first interdisciplinary, professionally oriented bachelor’s program. Each student’s program of study will be theoretically grounded in social and applied sciences studies and practically targeted toward their emerging professional area of specialization. Under this partnership, students in the Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (BAIS) degree program at Royal Roads University may specialize in one of several areas at Vancouver Island University as part of their studies. Royal Roads University students taking courses at Vancouver Island University will do so as visiting students, with a Letter of Permission from Royal Roads University, and will pay tuition, students’ union and other fees to Vancouver Island University. Students may access the advising, library, and other support services at the institution in which they are currently enrolled.

Students in the Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies degree program who have successfully completed INDS 300 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies and INDS 310 Writing Across Disciplines at Royal Roads University may complete one of several 12-credit areas of specialization at Vancouver Island University as part of their program. The courses making up these areas may be offered at any of Vancouver Island University’s campuses or overseas locations, at Camosun College or North Island College (subject to the agreement of each College), or through online or blended learning. The following initial options will be available:

A. Liberal Studies

The Liberal Studies specialization available through Vancouver Island University focuses on encounters with some of the most enduring original works from various areas of thought and creative endeavour. By thinking about and discussing works  from the history of (primarily) Western culture, students in liberal studies seek to gain deeper understanding of who we are and how our values and perspectives have been shaped by certain cultural legacies. Classes are taught primarily through seminars (small-group discussions among students and a professor) and offered at the Powell River, Cowichan and Nanaimo Campuses as well as the Comox Valley Campus of North Island College. Students in this specialization complete any two of the following courses:

  • LBST 310 Modern Culture’s Ancient Sources (6 credits)
  • LBST 320 Medieval and Renaissance Thought: Imagination, Reason, Faith (6 credits)
  • LBST 410 The Enlightenment and its Aftermath  (6 credits)
  • LBST 420 The Modern Experience and Beyond (6 credits)

This option will be available to BAIS students starting September 2014.

B. Education Abroad

Vancouver Island University offers a wide range of field schools at overseas locations around the world. Many of these may be taken by BAIS students who meet their admission requirements. Where possible, and subject to the agreement of the faculty teaching in the field school, arrangements will be made to allocate 12 credits to a particular offering. Some field schools are offered regularly, others irregularly. One example of the former is the Liberal Studies Abroad program in Florence, Italy, which is offered every year in May:

The Liberal Studies Abroad program in Florence provides exciting and challenging educational opportunities for studying the Italian Renaissance through on-site lectures, seminars, art studios and guided visits to galleries, museums, concert halls and other cultural centres. The program includes preparatory sessions before departure, a four to five week period in Italy, and 10-12 weeks after return to Canada for the completion of assignments, under supervision by faculty. With the agreement of the faculty teaching in the program, one directed study course may be added to the normal program of nine credits.  All Liberal Studies Abroad credit programs are eligible for student loan coverage. Liberal Studies Abroad offers additional field schools on an occasional basis. A program in Turkey in Spring 2014 is under active consideration.

The above options will be available to BAIS students from May 2014.  Application is competitive and opens in September 2013; to secure a place, students are advised to apply no later than October 2013.

Vancouver Island University will relay information to Royal Roads University about any other field schools which it can make available to BAIS students.

C. Other Options

The parties agree to collaborate on the development of other options as they see fit. Among those currently under consideration are:  Indigenous Studies, Digital Media Studies, Social Research, Criminology, and Community Studies.

Terms of Agreement

This agreement is in effect for applicants as of the date signed and remains in effect until written notice to terminate is provided by either institution. Either institution must provide written notice of termination at least a year in advance.

On behalf of Vancouver Island University:

John Black, PhD, Dean of Social Sciences - May 21, 2013
David Witty, PhD, Vice-President Academic and Provost - May 27, 2013
Ralph Andrew Nilson, PhD, President - May 27, 2013

On behalf of Royal Roads University:

matthew heinz, PhD, Dean, Faculty of Social and Applied Sciences - May 8, 2013
Stephen Grundy, PhD, Vice-President Academic and Provost - May 8, 2013
Allan Cahoon, PhD, President and Vice-Chancellor - May 9, 2013