Fielding University - USA

Effective Date: 
October 24, 2014 to December 31, 2019
Fielding University

Objective of the Agreement

Royal Roads University and Fielding University are pleased to collaborate on graduate programming offered at Royal Roads University and Fielding University, respectively. This partnership allows graduates from eight masters programs in the Faculty of Social and Applied Sciences at Royal Roads University to be awarded course credit toward a PhD at Fielding University.

Under this partnership, Fielding University agrees to award 16 hours of transfer credit toward its PhD in Human Development of PhD in Human and Organizational Systems to students who have graduated from the MA in Educational Leadership and Management at Royal Roads University. This transfer credit will be based on the successful completion of the following Royal Roads Courses and acceptance into Fielding University's PhD programs:

  • EDLM 501 Leadership for Learning  (3)
  • EDLM 510 Research for School Improvement (3)
  • EDLM 525 Developing Leadership Capacity through Reflective Practice (3)
  • EDLM 610 Leading and Sustaining Collaborative Inquiry Processes (6)