Camosun College

Effective Date: 
August 1, 2013 to August 1, 2019
Camosun College

MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT between Camosun College and Royal Roads University.

Royal Roads University and Camosun College are pleased to collaborate on the province’s first interdisciplinary, professionally oriented bachelor’s program. Each student’s program of study will be theoretically grounded in social and applied sciences studies and practically targeted toward their emerging professional area of specialization. 

Under this partnership, graduates of the Camosun College Diploma in Arts and Science Studies and of the Diploma in Arts and Science – Global Studies are guaranteed admission to the Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies degree program at Royal Roads University providing they graduate from Camosun College with either one of these diplomas and a minimum grade point average of B- (70 to 72% or 2.67 on a 4.33 scale). Guaranteed admission is available to both Canadian and international students. Graduates of these Camosun College diplomas will not need to meet any specific course requirements to enter the BA in Interdisciplinary Studies. Admission will be subject to space availability and pre-requisites as noted.

Institutional Responsibilities

Principles of Collaboration

Camosun College and Royal Roads University agree to collaborate to ensure the success of this partnership. In doing so, both institutions will observe the following principles:

  • Mutual recognition that the needs of the students are paramount;
  • Mutual respect for the autonomy of each institution, including recognition and respect for the educational values, policies, collective agreements, strategic plans and operational processes of each institution; and
  • Open communication, discussion and dialogue. 

Planning and Operational Principles and Processes

The success of this agreement relies on a close working relationship between Camosun College and Royal Roads University. Both institutions agree to observe the following planning and operational principles:

  • Joint development of recruitment and marketing plans and materials;
  • Commitment to faculty and program area collaboration;
  • Commitment to the early sharing of information regarding any program, service or policy change that will affect this agreement;
  • Sharing of institutional data about enrolment and success of students admitted under this agreement; and
  • An annual review of the partnership. 

Terms of the Agreement

This agreement is in effect for applicants as of the date signed and remains in effect until written notice to terminate is provided by either institution. Either institution must provide written notice of termination at least a year in advance.

On behalf of Camosun College:
John Boraas, Vice President, Academic  - July 9, 2013

On behalf of Royal Roads University: 
Stephen Grundy, PhD, Vice President, Academic and Provost - August 1, 2013