The Office

Role of the President

The president and vice-chancellor is the university’s chief executive officer, responsible for the administration of the university’s operations and provides leadership to the entire university community under the direction of the Board of Governors.

As mandated by the Royal Roads University Act, the Board of Governors sets the university’s broad administrative and academic policy. On academic matters, the president is assisted by an academic council comprised largely of senior faculty members.

The president embraces and shares the Royal Roads vision, develops and drives its mission, encourages a culture and practice of collaboration among the university community, and emboldens excellence and innovation. The president is the university’s principal ambassador and advocate.

The president and vice-chancellor:

  • provides oversight and direction for the operation of the university with the Board of Governors;
  • develops the university’s strategic plan and leads the pursuit of its strategies and goals;
  • safeguards and optimizes the university’s resources;
  • protects and advances the local, national and international reputation of the university’s programs;
  • fosters an environment of equity and inclusion throughout the university community;
  • and builds relationships with internal and external stakeholders including the board, faculty, students, staff, alumni, community, educational institutions and all levels of government.