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“The programs are tailored for working professionals and are ideal for bringing people together ”

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Sarah Dalzell

MA in Educational Leadership and Management


“I appreciated that this program was tailored to the teaching profession”

“I have always known that one day I would complete my master’s and continue to learn and be challenged. I hope to one day work within the managerial side of administration, as a school principal, at the district office level, or within the ministry of education. My goal is be a catalyst for large-scale projects and change within the education system in BC.

Being a new teacher I was extremely nervous and intimidated knowing that my colleagues were bringing a vast amount of experience in comparison to me, but what made this program accessible was that experience isn’t necessarily measured in ‘amount of years in the class’ – we all bring something unique to the table, something that offers up another perspective in conversations. We are all able to learn from one another and our experiences.

I found Royal Roads to be an amazing institution. Everyone actually cares about you, your academic success, and your personal wellbeing.”