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“I gained the practical tools and knowledge necessary to excel in my career”

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Emma Swan

Emma Swan

MA in Human Security and Peace Building


“My instructors possess a love for education and contributing to the next generation of practitioners”

“My experiences working in countries such as Sierra Leone and Palestine led me to pursue additional education. While working in these conflict-affected areas I saw firsthand the horrendous injustices inflicted on the marginalized population, and began to understand the devastating human price of conflict. I felt helpless and frustrated by what I saw, and knew additional learning was required to enable me to contribute in meaningful ways and help empower conflict-affected populations. I needed to bring more to the table, beyond good intentions and a compassionate heart; I wanted a deeper understanding of the interconnected drivers of conflict and the tools, theories and practices in conflict resolution and peacebuilding. I needed to possess a greater level of expertise and professionalism in the field.

In addition to connecting me to an amazing group of professionals, dedicated professors, fellow students, alumni, and guest speakers, I feel I gained the practical tools and knowledge necessary to excel in my career.”

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