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We are pleased to offer over 300 courses, as well as a variety of certificates, lectures, and events, on virtually every aspect of the new ways we can live our lives and work together toward a more sustainable existence.

Our programs are designed to respond to contemporary organizational learning needs, enhance personal growth, knowledge and skills and provide broader perspectives on the world around us.

Certificate Programs

We believe that when we better ourselves, foster wider skills and abilities, and learn from each other, we can transform our lives and selves, and be in a better position to contribute meaningfully to our organizations and communities.

Research shows that when people are highly skilled and set the direction for their own careers, they are happier, more productive and more likely to stay with the organization. This is the basis for the learning options within our professional non-credit certificate programs in: Supervisor skills, Management & Leadership skills, Professional and Applied Communication skills, and Professional Human Resource Management (HRM) skills.

Now in its second year, the Applied Mindfulness Meditation Certificate - grounded in comparative literatures of humanities and social science, traditional and contemplative medicines, the arts and sciences, education theory and practice, business and ethics - is intended to teach mindfulness meditation practices with a focus on its various applications within a wide range of personal and professional domains.

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