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Program Delivery

Be prepared for an intense year.

The Master of Global Management at Royal Roads is unlike many other university programs. You will work hard and learn in ways you never expected. Simply put, you will be transformed.

The Master of Global Management program at Royal Roads University is completed fulltime, on-campus, or through a blend of online learning with in-person residencies: ideal for working students. The two  MGM delivery models share the same core courses, regardless of the delivery model. Your program length is determined by your choice of Capstone project: Global Management Project,Internship Research Project, Graduate Certificate in Project Management or MGM-MBA Dual Degree. Get used to being busy. This program is designed to complete a full master's degree in a shorter period of time. You will be challenged like never before, but you won't be alone. Royal Roads University embraces a cohort learning model, where you will complete your MGM with the same group of people who started with you. You will learn with and from each other. In addition to the support you receive from your team and cohort as a whole, our program staff are here to support your learning journey.

Unlike traditional universities, where you may sit among a class of hundreds, passively listening to lectures, at Royal Roads we encourage experiential learning - learning by doing. Some of your success will be based on your ability to collaborate as a team, within your program as well as in the real world. You will be assessed on diverse activities throughout your courses, not solely by the results of a final exam. In class, collaboration is vital and will contribute to your final grade. This may take some getting used to, especially if you're not used to this style of learning, but by being actively engaged you will learn more, and so will your classmates. You will depend on your team as much as they depend on you. Class attendance is mandatory. The workload is intense but well worth it.

On-Campus Delivery

The on campus delivery option is fully held in Victoria BC. This is a full time option face to face option with classes running from Monday to Friday. The calendar year is organized on a quarterly system with each quarter approximately 11 weeks long. The on-campus MGM program begins online with a required two-week preparation course, International Gateway, and your first course, Argument and Communication for International Business. This course combines concepts from a number of disciplines to provide the building blocks for a framework of thinking and academic writing that will set students up for success throughout the program and beyond.

The On Campus delivery model gives you the choice of all four program completion options: the Global Management Project, the Internship Research Project, the Graduate Certificate in Project Management, or the Dual Degree MBA International Business.

Option 1. You can finish your program in only 12 months by completing a Global Management Project (GMP) concurrently with your studies during quarters 3 and 4. This option can only accommodate the GMP.

Option 2. You can finish the program in 18-months by completing the GMP, Internship Research Project or Graduate Certificate in Project Management after you completed all core courses. The capstone projects run for six months and can be completed at a distance.

Option 3. You can complete the program in 24 months by completing the MBA International Business program through blended learning with the Management Center Innsbruck. You complete 12-months of core courses at RRU, and then begin a 12-month blended MBA International Business program that includes a short residency in Innsbruck, Austria, online courses and a Major Research Project that can be completed at distance.

Blended Delivery

The blended learning model for this program is ideal for working professionals, providing a distance learning option that enables you to complete your studies while continuing to work. Your cohort will be made of students looking to build their multi-cultural management and international business knowledge and skills..

The blended delivery features two in-person residencies. The first residency is scheduled for three weeks at the beginning of your program and held on the RRU campus, and the second is a two-week residency on location in Asia, where you will explore international business operations and supply chain management, international business negotiations, and cross-cultural communications. Students who choose the MBA International Dual Degree option will have the opportunity to participate in a one-week residency in Innsbruck, Austria hosted by the Management Center Innsbruck.

This blended learning option includes the same courses as the on-campus versions, including your choice of capstones: Global Management Project, Internship Research Project, Graduate Certificate in Project Management or MBA International Business Dual Degree. The blended learning model can be completed in 19-months. The MGM-MBA International Business blended Dual Degree program can be completed in 24-months.


The Master of Global Management program is available as an on-campus program, with your choice of program lengths, or a blended learning model that features a local and an international residency. The program courses for each delivery model are the same: a three-week online preparation course, a one-week on-campus foundational course, twelve core courses, and a specialized elective, for a total of 42 credits. Students opting for the blended learning model will complete the core courses through a mix of residencies and online learning. Students who participate in the Dual Degree MGM-MBA International Business option will complete two core courses and a Major Research Project through the Management Center Innsbruck.

Our curriculum centres on four themes: cross-cultural awareness, ethical and rational decision-making, self-awareness, and international business skill development. Course content is delivered by experienced faculty, guest speakers, and international business practitioners to bring the industry-recognizes knowledge, skills and values needed to succeed within the global economy.

Core Courses

Core courses create the knowledge base for the program. The Master of Global Management program includes twelve three-credit core courses and a major project worth 6 credits, (42 credits total).

Students who choose the blended learning model will undertake these courses through our online portal, while on-campus students will complete these in the classroom.

  • International Gateway - Required Online Courses
  • MGM Program Foundations - Mandatory On-campus Preparation
  • Intercultural Studies for International Business
  • Argument and Communication for International Business
  • Political Geography and International Economics
  • International Business Strategy
  • Comparative Management
  • International Law and Global Trade Organizations
  • International Marketing
  • International Accounting Tools for Financial Health
  • Sustainability and International Corporate Citizenship
  • International Business Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • Corporate and International Finance
  • International Business Negotiations

Elective Options

Choice of:

  • Global Management Project - 6 credits
  • Internship Research Project - 6 credits
  • Graduate Certificate in Project Management - 9 credits

Online Preparation

In preparation for the start of the MGM program, we require students to fully participate and complete all activities of an online course called International Gateway (IG). This official start to the program begins three weeks prior to arriving on-campus, and guides you through a variety of program-related activities relevant to your program. The IG encourages exploration of the learning platform, formation of the learning community, and introduction to subject matter specific to your MGM program. Two courses begin online during this period. The IG course is mandatory, and ensures that all students fully engage in the session to best position themselves for success in the program.


Throughout Foundations week you will participate in a variety of workshops, such as Team Development and Case Analysis, and you will continue your courses that began online. This week will also provide orientation to the university staff and services. Homework, readings, and team meetings may be scheduled outside of regular class hours.