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On-Campus Delivery Model

The MA in Intercultural and International Communication program is designed for students who want to pursue their careers in intercultural and international communication, and is delivered by faculty with expert real-world experience who provide a solid understanding of both the classic and new concepts related to intercultural communication and international issues. The on-campus model has been popular with students looking to continue their advanced education after earning their bachelor degree.

Students in the on-campus program have the option to complete the program in 18 months with a course-based option, or an internship. Both options emphasize the importance of experiential learning and students will develop a broad range of communication skills while learning to work effectively with individuals from other cultures, regions and ideologies.


There are nine required courses that have been arranged into three intensive terms, with breaks in-between. Students taking the course based option will have five terms of courses. Students taking the internship stream will take three terms of courses, one term of internship and return for another term of courses.  Students are expected to be on-campus during regular course session to attend lectures, participate in group discussions and team assignments. Our online learning platform, Moodle, is used to facilitate face-to-face learning.


There are short breaks between terms and courses. Although it is not required, students can to look for on-campus or off-campus jobs and projects to help them gain work experience. Full-time international students who qualify are eligible to work off-campus for 20 hours a week once they start their program and full-time during breaks in study. For further information, visit the Immigration Canada website.


  • Course based option - students take two more courses on top of the nine required courses. Students are expected to be on-campus during the regular course session.
  • Internship option – Students take nine required courses and the internship.  The layout is three terms of courses, the internship, followed by another term of courses.