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Program Description

The MA in Global Leadership is a two-year blended program comprised of online learning and intensive on-campus residencies designed to build and enhance globally minded leadership and management capabilities. 

Specific topics covered in the program include:

  • the competencies of global leadership as foundational knowledge for all professionals and business executives working in an international context or having global purposes, 
  • drivers of global change and how to respond to them
  • socio-political and economic analysis in the global context, 
  • social purpose organizational dynamics and performance, 
  • models of community development 
  • how to manage conflict and tensions across multi-cultural contexts, 
  • strategic analysis and decision making,
  • intercultural communication and skill building , personal resiliency and adaptability. 
  • project management, and,
  • stakeholder analysis, and authentic collaboration.

The first course of the program is online and addresses the foundations of global leadership. During the first year of the program, students are required to participate in a three-week on-campus residency. The residency course is followed by four online courses which the student may complete while living and continuing to work in their home location.

In the second year of the program, students attend a one-week on-campus residency. Following this residency, students have the choice of completing an Independent Study field trip or to join a group of students on an 11 day international cultural leadership field trip. In 2016 students traveled to Ecuador to complete their credits for this course. Daily excursions in Ecuador included explorations of bio diversity, environmental challenges, indigenous community issues, and micro-financed entrepreneurial needs of Andes women. 

Please note for the 2017 cohort travelling to Ecuador in June of 2018, there is a $1500 US* field trip fee for this option.  This field trip fee covers accommodations, breakfast, transport and activity fees in Ecuador.  Students are responsible for covering their return airfare to Ecuador, personal travel and health insurance, additional meals and personal expenses while on the trip.  Please note the fee is quoted in US dollars which is the currency of Ecuador.

Students follow this international trip (or independent study activity) with a six-eight month long capstone project where they are to integrate and apply their global leadership skills in a context that benefits an organization, business or community.

Graduates will develop the competencies to: lead and manage change processes, build collaborative teams, create effective interagency partnerships, design and evaluate programs, foster innovation and creativity, communicate results and work effectively and respectfully across cultures, generations, and contexts.

Who It’s For  

Professionals and executives who work in a global context within their own country or an international setting and who wish to be more globally minded, self-aware and resilient, able to work with people of diverse needs and cultural backgrounds, and are anchored to values of social purpose and sustainability. 

This includes professional who work or desire to work in community based organizations, government organizations, international NGOs, international government organizations, indigenous organizations, international training or institutions of higher education or other types of organizations that have a globally oriented social purpose or peace keeping mission.

The MA in Global Leadership program is also for those in the domestic or international business sector who seek to be socially responsible and globally minded.

Five years of professional work experience that requires responsibilities leading people or projects is desirable, as is familiarity with traveling or living in different international settings. Positional management authority is not necessary. The flexible admission process combined with the blended delivery model enables students to learn without sacrificing their career.


Graduates will be able to apply practical tools and strategies to address issues, challenges, and opportunities related to global leadership including;  

  • personal awareness working in a global context,
  • leading in a diverse global context,  
  • driving sustainable change in complex environments, and  
  • building global networks to support life-long learning, continued growth and development in the global context.