April 2014 Overview: MA Human Security & Peacebuilding

The MA in Human Security and Peacebuilding program provides working professionals, or those looking for a career in peacebuilding, with the theoretical and practical skills necessary to help restore peace and civil society in fractured countries where conflict and post-conflict contexts are present.

Delivery Model


The MA in Human Security and Peacebuilding program design includes two three-week residencies on our beautiful campus. The first residency provides an introduction to the theory and practice of human security and peacebuilding, while the second residency provides a capstone experience linking the application of theory to practice contexts.

Professional Field Placement

In the second year of studies, students who lack previous field experience, are required to secure a Professional Field Practice, which involves a four to six-month overseas assignment, often in an area where conflict has occurred in the past; the location and activity is selected by the student to support achievement of specific learning goals. While some students are able to complete these requirements while fulfilling family and work obligations, serious consideration should be given to your ability to participate in these various experiences before applying to our program.


To meet the requirements for the program, you must complete a minimum of 33 credits of course and project work. During the online portion of the program, students spend a minimum of 15 hours per week participating in online course activities and working on assignments. Try our Online Learning Orientation.