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LRNT521: Digital Learning Environments, Networks, Communities

Examines digital learning environments, networks, and communities. Requires students to examine and cultivate their digital presence and identity. Assesses the impact of learning networks, learning communities and digital learning environments on society.
Course Credits: 3.0

LRNT522: Introduction to Research: Critical Reading and Writing

Equips students with the skills to develop their ability to effectively engage in critical reading and writing. Examines the types, purpose, and importance of various forms of writing and research. Introduces practical approaches to develop exemplar reading and writing skills.
Course Credits: 3.0

LRNT523: Foundations of Learning and Technologies

Investigates foundational issues underpinning learning technologies. Examines the histories, theories, debates, and contemporary developments of the field. Provides a well-rounded and in-depth understanding of critical issues in learning and technology and their impact on society.
Course Credits: 3.0

LRNT524: Innovation, Design and Learning Environments

Explores a variety of design models and approaches in creating exemplar learning environments. Analyzes and gains an appreciation of student and stakeholder needs. Investigates effective and ineffective designs. Explores the role of innovation in re-imagining learning environments. Applies a design mindset to solve real-world problems. *Pending approval
Course Credits: 3.0

LRNT525: Leading Change in Digital Learning

Examines aspects of leadership and change as they impact the creation and implementation of digital learning environments. Develops leadership and change management skills. *Pending approval
Course Credits: 3.0

LRNT526: Inquiry into Contemporary Issues in Learning Technologies

Requires students to identify and investigate a topic of personal interest related to learning, technology, design and innovation. Requires foundational knowledge of the field from LRNT 523 to support deep inquiry. Facilitated through the execution of a personal learning plan and supported by one-to-one faculty-student mentoring. Pre-requisites and/or co-requisites – LRNT 523 *Pending approval
Course Credits: 3.0


Prepares students for a successful launch into their learning journey by creating an opportunity for students to meet and get to know one another in a virtual setting. Offers a fully-online introduction to the applicable program within the School of Education and Technology. Provides overview of the program and course options and introduces students to the RRU technology platforms.
Course Credits: 0.0