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WINV560: Cultivating Creative Confidence and Competence

Focuses on the individual’s role in workplace innovation. Explores key innovation skills such as problem solving, risk taking, communication and relationship building skills, and how individuals develop the confidence and competence to use those skills to innovate within organizations.
Course Credits: 3.0

WINV685: Innovation Tools and Processes

Focuses on innovation at a team level and will include an exploration of tools and processes used in group settings. Considers topics such as interdisciplinary diversity, principles of innovation, design thinking, the use of artifacts, sketching, model making and prototyping, and group decision making and execution.
Course Credits: 3.0

WINV690: Workplace Innovation: Strategy and Culture

Considers the need for embedding innovation in both strategy and culture within an organization. Identifies leadership practices necessary to encourage and support innovation. Students will examine models and tools for understanding how workplace culture can be measured and managed, alongside innovative approaches to strategy development.
Course Credits: 3.0