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Program Description

This graduate certificate program is designed for people who want to enhance their leadership by aligning their decisions and actions with consciously chosen values through tumultuous times and complex challenges. It is also for those who want to be more confident of the lasting value of their efforts to improve organizations. The program highlights deeper patterns that are influential and typically invisible in everyday organizational life, and that are not usually in our attention as leaders. Further, the program is oriented not only to acquiring new knowledge and ‘tools’ but also the development of discernment and wisdom in leadership.

Who it's for

This six-month graduate certificate is designed for experienced and emerging leaders who have been in organizational leadership roles long enough to understand the challenges we’re facing in this ever-changing and diverse world. It is for leaders who want to see their highest values in action and make a difference in their communities, organizations and beyond.


This graduate certificate will enable students to:

  • Create a solid foundation for leadership credibility.
  • Develop the practice of wisdom in leadership. 
  • Transform conflict and challenges into learning and opportunity.
  • Foster adaptability to change and resilience to setbacks.
  • Develop sound practices for sustainable collaboration.
  • Expand connections and networks.
  • Understand sustainable organizational culture change.

This is a program that integrates theory and practice and which provides advanced leadership skills for developing highly effective teams through a focus on purpose, integrity, culture, strategy, and the common good. It will be of special interest to those wanting to enhance their own leadership competence, organizational effectiveness and resilience, recruitment and retention of talent, reputation, and long-term productivity.

In addition to its value as a nine-credit graduate certificate, graduates of this certificate may be eligible for credit towards electives in other Royal Roads programs as follows: nine credits towards the MA in Leadership, nine credits towards the MA in Interdisciplinary Studies and six credits towards the MBA.