Delivery Model

Graduate Certificate in Tourism... » Learning Model

This nine-credit graduate certificate is a blend of three, three-credit courses that are completed in six months of online study, and one eight-day, short-term destination residency in Victoria, British Columbia.

Students begin with a short online pre-residency that introduces them to the instructor, familiarizes them with the course content and materials, and connects them with other students in the program. Shortly thereafter, students travel to Victoria B.C. for an eight-day intensive experiential residency. The remainder of the program is completed online.


Residency is a period of intense study, networking and exposure to the local community, guests, and the destination. The schedule of instruction and studying during the destination residency is designed to optimize the face-to-face access to instructors, develop networks with fellow students, and access the support services of the university if required. The regular daily schedule is 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Students complete approximately 35 per cent of two courses, the TRMN 501 Tourism Leadership and TRMN 502 Global Tourism. Team meetings, homework, and readings are done outside of these hours. The balance of the course work is completed online after the residency.

Online Learning

Distance courses are delivered entirely online through innovative, easy to use Internet technologies. Participants draw upon web resources as well as more traditional print media, while using online discussion groups and drop boxes to work towards the electronic submission of assignments. Prior to the beginning of each course, students are provided with a package of materials and readings and a detailed course schedule.

Each course requires a level of effort of approximately 12 to 18 hours per week. This varies from student to student and becomes easier as students familiarize themselves with Royal Roads University’s distance learning technologies, and learn how to work effectively with team members in a virtual setting.

Advanced Standing

Students who have successfully completed the Graduate Certificate in Tourism Leadership may have the nine-credits applied to the MA in Tourism Management degree and obtain a financial credit.