Program Description

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The program is focused around three leverage points:

  1. Understanding Community in Context of its environment, eco-region and evolution to date:
    • it explores systems in terms of the community’s economy, environment, social and cultural life
    • it considers the developmental and evolutionary nature of life and human intelligence acting in community
  2. Designing Capacity Building Systems for paradigms in people, organizations, communities and cities:
    • it utilizes the integral framework’s four quadrants of community (inner and outer for the individual, and interior and exterior for the collective) and four major levels of development to discern how human systems grow
    • it challenges and designs bridges across the silos, stovepipes and solitudes that fragment current community sectors
  3. Developing Strategies for Evaluating, Decision Making and Civic Engagement:
    • it identifies and provides foundations for actions that build social capital
    • it provides strategies for inquiry, meshing networks, and navigating community change
    • it offers designs and tools for community engagement.