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PJMN500: The Right Side of Project Management

Combines the tools and techniques needed to manage risk, time and costs effectively, with the essential humanistic components of project leadership. Students can expect to gain critical stakeholder engagement techniques, including negotiation, conflict resolution, change leadership and collaboration in conjunction with a practical focus and application on the constraints faced on any project: time limits, human resources, materials, budget and specifications
Course Credits: 3.0

PJMN501: Managing Complex Projects

Project managers use specific proven techniques and strategies for achieving outstanding results. Several models have evolved to provide contextual frameworks for integrating projects within an organization’s strategic goals. This course includes and examines the benefits realization approach and the SMART (strategically managed, aligned, regenerative and transitional) model.
Course Credits: 3.0

PJMN502: Project Planning and Scheduling

Examines the constraints faced by every project manager in any project and timeframe, budget, human resources, specifications, equipment and material-without letting the constraints limit innovation and creativity. The course introduces techniques for work breakdown structure development, estimating, forecasting, evaluating and forecasting, monitoring and reporting costs and interpreting earned-value data.
Course Credits: 3.0