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ORGD610: Setting the Foundation for Organizational Transformation

Focuses on the theoretical underpinnings of organization development and emergent practices for designing future organizational structures. Explores the necessary skills and actions required to build social intelligence, develop relationships, consult in systems, and foster a culture of innovation in organizations. Students will apply learning through an experientially-oriented organization design project.
Course Credits: 3.0

ORGD625: Organization Design: Processes for Positive Change

Explores the complex processes of effective organization change and introduces practices to support positive systemic engagement. Provides students with the skills required to design and deliver customized interventions to assist organizations in leading and implementing positive stakeholder-engaged organization change. 3 credits.
Course Credits: 3.0

ORGD640: Organization Development: Supporting Organizational Health and Vitality

Develops knowledge and skills necessary for conducting strategic analysis, decision making, and evaluation in complex organizations with particular focus on organizational health and vitality. Students will be introduced to approaches that assist in discerning intentions, roles and foci for Organization Development (OD) and change processes, and in finding a best fit with the practitioner’s style and capabilities.
Course Credits: 3.0