Graduate Certificate in Hospita... » Outcomes

The learning outcomes that will be evaluated throughout the three courses are:

Knowledge and Critical Thinking

  • Applies interdisciplinary information and research to the study of tourism and hospitality by acquiring and critically evaluating their contribution to issues, opportunities, and challenges.
  • Effectively uses research methodologies, data sources, and tools to investigate, evaluate, and analyze findings that inform decision-making, written products and using and producing research.
  • Examines the role of innovation, entrepreneurship, and stakeholder relations in the building of a successful business.
  • Demonstrates integrity and ethical behavior when collaborating, synthesizing findings, problem solving, conducting research and reporting findings or recommendations.

Global Awareness

  • Evaluates the impact of global issues on tourism and hospitality operators, organizations, and destinations.
  • Differentiates how local, regional, national and international events influence competitive change in evolving markets.
  • Investigates and analyzes how the tourism industry is influenced by governments and world affairs, and understands the role of tourism and hospitality professionals as global citizens in communities.

Effective Communications

  • Effectively gathers, analyzes, synthesizes, prepares and presents written materials, accurately utilizing the APA reference method.
  • Incorporates conflict resolution, negotiation, change management, and networking skills in contributing to achieving team and individual outcomes.
  • Applies effective speaking, writing, listening and feedback skills in online and face-to-face activities.

Leadership and Collaboration

  • Demonstrates leadership, collaboration and mutual support in decision-making processes to achieve individual and team results.
  • Networks effectively and respectfully with an array of individuals from diverse professional and personal backgrounds to facilitate and support effective decision making.