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Program Description

This 60-credit, 20-month BBA uses real-world situations and your instructors’ industry experience to dive deep into the business skills required to be effective. Our cohort learning model brings you together with Canadian and international students, creating a forum to use shared experiences to better understand the global environment. Whether you’re running your own business or taking a role within another, our BBA is designed to help you find success.

Ethics in Action

You are passionate about bringing sustainable business practices to your industry; creating opportunities that are good for business and good for the planet. You want to build your business expertise and knowledge to create, manage, and support sustainable organizations around the world. The BBA at Royal Roads University brings you real-world examples from industry-experienced instructors, so you can learn how to lead your organization to long-term viable solutions.

For students lacking the formal academic requirements, our flexible admissions policy looks at your life experience as well as your academic history to ensure everyone in the program can be successful.

Delivery Model

Our BBA with a specialization in Business and Sustainability is a 60-credit program, completed in four semesters over 20 months through our cohort learning model, where you will work with classmates on group assignments and presentations, building connections and leveraging experiences to find practical solutions to business challenges.

Your program culminates with a Business Field School and Capstone Project , putting you in the boardroom to address a specific challenge or create a practical evaluation. An International Field School is optional.

What to Expect

You’ll be in the classroom Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm, actively participating in discussions, completing assignments, and presenting individually as well as with your cohort, with some additional work completed in the evenings and weekends. The final semester of your program starts with a one month  Business Field School, where you will be immersed in an experiential, field-based course, working on a substantive report or addressing a specific challenge. This experience, combined with your learning from the courses in the program, will provide you with the basis for your Capstone Project.

Student Profile

The people in your program come from across Canada and around the world, and they share your passion for creating sustainable business practices in the global market. Many of our students have completed a 60-credit program at another institution, and they’re ready to focus on building sustainable solutions through business administration.  The connections you make in your program form a network of colleagues you can turn to while studying, as well as beyond graduation, helping you find answers, opportunities, and success.

Be sure to connect with our Financial Aid and Awards team about funding opportunities as part of your early educational planning.