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24-Month Blended

The BCom blended program is offered primarily through online study combined with a total of three mandatory on-site residency periods: a two-week residency at the start, an eight-day residency at the mid-point, and a final one-week residency (currently offered in Vancouver, B.C.) during the capstone phase of the program. The blended model enables motivated learners the opportunity to simultaneously develop their entrepreneurial management knowledge and know-how while advancing their careers, seeding new ideas and ventures, or pivoting their profession.

Like the BCom on-campus, the blended BCom program begins online with a one-week orientation, (Bridge to BCom), followed by the first two weeks of Foundational Business Skills (FBS), which subsequently is concluded during residency one. The FBS course is designed to equip learners with the critical thinking, problem-solving, communications, and team-work skills that will set students up for success throughout the program and beyond. The first residency is also designed to enable students to re-immerse themselves in the world of higher learning, bond as a cohort, and create relationships that will be formative as their studies move back online.

Outside of residencies students will be pursuing two courses at a time with short breaks between terms. Unlike other modes of distance education, the RRU online experience is immersive and interactive. As a cohort, students will move through each course in a structured and facilitated fashion (eight weeks of instruction, followed by an exam or final assignment in week nine) and will be required to maintain an active online presence and frequently engage in team projects. 

During the second residency students will finish their entrepreneurship course and move into their first Applied Business Challenge (ABC). ABCs are one-week intensive hands-on learning experiences designed to integrate various BCom course concepts and content and program learning outcomes. Students are exposed to various methodologies, tools, and approaches that enable them to creatively identify and solve real-world business challenges under time and resource constraints.

Once students have completed all core courses in the program they undertake their Capstone Project. The Capstone Project integrates learning derived from all courses in the program and results in a professional presentation to a panel of industry experts, during the final residency, and the development of a comprehensive written business plan for a new venture or a client organization.