Core Courses

The core courses listed below are a combination of those taken by students in the BA in Interdisciplinary Studies (BAIS) program. Students in the BAIS program will take INDS300, INDS310, INDS417, INDS480 and INDS490 (INDS311 and INDS400 are electives in this program), combined with courses listed on the curriculum page.

INDS300: Writing Across Disciplines

Explores the nature, style, and form of writing in various disciplines. Provides instruction in writing for academic and professional fields of practice. Introduces basic principles of rhetoric, argumentation, and collaboration. Fosters critical reading skills. Co-requisite: INDS310
Credits: 3.0

INDS310: Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies

Introduces students to academic disciplines and professional fields of practice, leading into a thorough understanding of interdisciplinarity, multidisciplinarity, and transdisciplinarity. Explores benefits and challenges of integrating knowledge across disciplines. Co-requisites: INDS300
Credits: 3.0

INDS417: Independent Study

Directed study of academic and professional literature in the student’s area of concentration. Guided by a Royal Roads faculty member. Enables a student to engage with a specific area of scholarship arising from their overall program of study.
Credits: 3.0

INDS480: Internship

Guides students in applying theoretical knowledge and professional skills in a supervised, professional, domestic or international context relevant to their program of study. Brings classroom learning, theoretical concepts and academic literature together with practical learning, insights from the field of practice and application of skills. Students must secure internship placement on their own. Pre-requisites: INDS 300 and INDS 310 RRU Career Management Skills Training offered through the Office of Work Integrated Learning
Credits: 9.0

INDS490: Senior Research Project/Paper

Individual research paper or project serving as capstone experience for program. Should reflect basic understanding of qualitative and/or quantitative research methods. May consist of primary or secondary research. Optimum length is 15 to 20 pages (4,000 to 5,000 words). Constitutes approximately 200 hours of student effort.
Credits: 6.0

ITAI: Introduction to Academic Integrity

Course description not available
Credits: n/a