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Program Description

International students

The BA in International Hotel Management program contains an international component as a required course which is vital to a successful career in hospitality and the internship, and enables students' to launch their careers and find exceptional opportunities for employment that will support an informed career path. 

Who It's For

This program is designed for those who want to pursue a career in the rapidly expanding field of hospitality and provides both the academic and practical foundation, problem solving and team management skills to succeed in a growing industry, from working in a flagship chain, boutique hotel, cruise ship or resort.

For information on application requirements please visit our Program Admissions page.


Our curriculum, combined with the insight and experience many students bring with them, results in graduates who are innovative thinkers and leaders—people who embrace the changing world. Our blend of professional and academic study offers a degree program where students learn about the hospitality industry within an international context, and have the opportunity to practice new skills and apply new knowledge through our exciting internship program.


This program prepares graduates to succeed in the tourism industry and hospitality sector. All courses plus the internship program are designed to prepare them to become excellent managers. Specifically this program develops:

  • Knowledge, skills, experience and confidence through individual and team activities, within a multi-cultural learning environment; 
  • Ability to succeed in key areas of the hotel operations through access to industry experts and relevant leading edge course content;
  • Insight about what it takes to become an entrepreneur and how to manage the financial, social and environmental aspects of a tourism operation
  • Appreciation of trends, assumptions, and best practices in the industry;
  • Critical thinking, writing, analytical and decision-making skills; and
  • Exposure to new opportunities through participation in an International Hospitality Internship placement in Canada or abroad.

To learn more about the skills graduates gain through the program visit the outcomes page.