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Global Awareness

  • Analyze and interpret the impact of global issues facing hospitality managers
  • Assess the potential impact of hospitality operations on the operating environment
  • Demonstrate application of triple-bottom-line management techniques within a hospitality enterprise
  • Demonstrate multicultural sensitivity and awareness to global issues, opportunities and sustainability


  • Describe the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and business decision making
  • Develop strategic business decisions in response to current trends and niche markets
  • Create an appropriate strategic plan for a hospitality enterprise
  • Demonstrate understanding of other businesses operating within the broader tourism context and hypothesize their impact upon hospitality enterprises

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

  • Select and synthesize information and data to critically assess a situation or problem and identify possible actions
  • Creatively analyze and interpret case study scenarios and recommend solutions
  • Formulate logical conclusions through the use of sound research methods and conceptual models

Work With Others

  • Work as a member of a team
  • Leadership and the ability to follow the lead
  • Consideration of the needs and expectations of stakeholders
  • Recognition of cultural diversity

Effective Communication

  • Produce high quality written materials and oral presentations using both narrative and graphic representations
  • Regularly participate in class discussions and contribute to the learning of others
  • Display effective computer, internet and interviewing/questioning skills