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This program provides the real life experiences to develop a critical insight into issues and opportunities in the tourism industry.  It enables students to learn within a supportive, team-based environment from instructors, who are recognized leaders with international experience, while developing a strong network of like-minded professionals. Graduates will also gain a competitive advantage by developing real world connections through a special research project or internship opportunities in Canada or internationally.

Graduates of the program will acquire a comprehensive range of abilities, knowledge and experience necessary to build a viable and sustainable industry. This program incorporates essential topics and competencies related to entrepreneurship, destination marketing, leadership, communications, community development, and global sustainability, and it enables graduates to refine the desired skills that tourism, culture, and hospitality companies and organizations are searching for.

Tourism embodies a wide variety of interconnected industries. The global demand in these industries has created many new job opportunities for graduates, including careers in corporations, small businesses, government and destination-related organizations, museums and cultural sites, as well as tourism consulting opportunities.

Graduates of the BAGTM are eligible to continue their education in the Master of Arts Tourism Management or the Masters of Global Management.

Academic Outcomes

Global Awareness

  • Analyze and interpret the impact of global issues facing tourism managers
  • Assess the potential impact of tourism initiatives and operations on communities
  • Demonstrate application of sustainable management techniques in destination communities and on the environment
  • Demonstrate multicultural sensitivity and awareness to global issues, opportunities and sustainability


  • Describe the global tourism delivery system
  • Develop understanding of approaches to human resource management in hospitality and tourism
  • Understand concepts of strategic planning for a tourism enterprise
  • Understand principles of tourism destination marketing.
  • Demonstrate awareness in financial operations related to management of tourism operations. 

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

  • Select and synthesize information and data to critically assess a situation or problem and identify possible actions
  • Creatively analyze and interpret case study scenarios and recommend solutions
  • Formulate logical conclusions through the use of sound research methods and conceptual models

Effective Communication

  • Produce high quality written materials and oral presentations using both narrative and graphic representations
  • Regularly participate in class discussions and contribute to the learning of others
  • Display effective computer, internet and interviewing/questioning skills

Leadership and Collaboration

  • Demonstrate support for all team members in group assignments and activities
  • Perform as an effective team member in a variety of situations and circumstances