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Wendy Schissel

Wendy Schissel


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Interdisciplinary Studies


Dr. Wendy Schissel’s interests in interdisciplinarity began with her doctoral dissertation in Canadian poetry and painting—an interest that could be served only through a traditional discipline with a PhD in English. Her propensity for interdisciplinarity was later more fully realized in her publishing and teaching in gender studies. From July 2011 to November 2015, she served as program head in the Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies at Royal Roads University. In that position and in her continued teaching in the program, Schissel has found an intellectual home, one that recognizes the world beyond traditional academic disciplines and one which has much appeal for today’s graduate students.


Prior to joining Royal Roads University, Schissel served as dean of humanities and subsequently as associate vice-president of instruction at Mt. Hood Community College in Oregon. She has taught multiple courses in women’s and gender studies and English at the University of Saskatchewan, and in Oregon and China. Additionally, she has been co-president of a rural college, a small business owner and a farmer.


Wendy Schissel earned her PhD (1991) and Master of Arts in English (1982) from the University of Calgary and holds a Bachelor of Education (1971) from the University of Alberta.