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Stuart Berry

Stuart Berry


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Education and Technology


Stuart Berry has been a post-secondary teacher and educator for more than 20 years. He has grown to understand that he is both a social constructivist and a social constructionist. He sees learning as a social activity and believes that although learning comes about as a result of the social interaction and discourse of individuals, the resulting artefacts produced through the learning process are an equally important aspect of the learning and need to be included as part of this social process. His research interests tie into this and concerns the use of artefacts in the learning and knowledge creation process.


Berry has been teaching in the School of Education and Technology at Royal Roads since 2011. He is also a full-time continuing faculty member within the School of Business at Camosun College, where he primarily teaches business strategy and financial accounting. Although most of his teaching is face-to-face, he uses online learning environments as a means of offering flexibility and support beyond the classroom. Additionally, Berry teaches online in the Master of Education program within the Centre for Distance Education at Athabasca University.


Berry holds an EdD focusing on distance education from Athabasca University. His dissertation was titled: Tacit knowing made visible: The use and value of an online archive. He also holds a MA in Distributed Learning from Royal Roads University. His master’s thesis, titled Building a community memory: Capturing knowledge creation processes in online environments, laid the groundwork for his doctoral research study. His doctoral research was conducted within an online socially networked learning space at Athabasca University.