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Dr. Randy Gilbert

Randy Gilbert


Associate Faculty


Leadership Studies


Dr. Randy Gilbert is an associate faculty member in the Master of Arts in Leadership program and has been with the School of Leadership Studies since 2005. His personal research includes leadership and health leadership, organizational transformation, emergency health, health system and health information system training development and implementation and organizational cultural paradigms. His research interests and knowledge include qualitative, quantitative, mixed model, evidence-based approaches, narrative inquiry, phenomenology, focus groups, surveys, interviews, employee engagement and collaborative practice utilizing action research methodology as a foundation.



Gilbert is the corporate director of business operations for BC Consolidated Lower Mainland Health Information Management and is a Canadian and internationally certified professional in Health Information and Management Systems. He also provides executive consulting, coaching, academic editor services and serves as a clinical practice-based research mentor with the Providence Health Care Research Institute. Gilbert served with the Canadian Armed Forces for 38 years with more than 35 years of domestic and international leadership experience, including 26 years as a health care administrator and health services operations officer. He was the Canadian representative to NATO for health informatics and while serving in Afghanistan, he was the NATO chief of medical operations for Southern Afghanistan and senior staff officer for Afghan National Security Force Health Development. Gilbert has worked with public, private and military learners to explore leadership and organizational paradigms, generational paradigms, communities of practice, organizational culture, organizational transformation and information management challenges. His civilian and military leadership experience includes international health care operations, international and intercultural mentoring, government, private sector-military partnerships, direct and indirect health care, health informatics, emergency services, leading and managing from the strategic level to tactical levels, national training system development and implementation and health information system transformation and implementation.



Gilbert holds a PhD with honours in Applied Management and Decision Sciences with a specialty in Leadership and Organizational Change from Walden University (2013), a Master of Arts in Leadership and Training from Royal Roads University (2004) and a Certificate in Health Services Management from Ryerson University (2005). He is a fellow of the Canadian College of Health Leaders where he serves as a fellows advisor, and is a member of the Certified Health Executive Program Committee as an executive mentor. Gilbert is an honour member of the Golden Key International Honour Society, the recipient of the Assistant Deputy Minister Information Management Merit Award, a co-recipient of the Assistant Deputy Minister Information Management Nova Award and a co-recipient of the Government Technology Exhibition and Conference Distinction Award.