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Pille Bunnell

Pille Bunnell


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Environment and Sustainability


Dr. Pille Bunnell is a systems ecologist and second order cybernetician. She is passionate about increasing environmental sustainability through education. She is particularly interested in the implications of thinking and acting based in a constitutive ontology and epistemology. She explores the ramifications of reflections as they alter how humans see themselves and their relation to each other and the world. 


Bunnell began her professional life participating in the Tundra Biome studies of the International Biological Program. She continued as a UBC research associate at the Institute of Animal Resource Ecology. This led to nearly two decades working as an international environmental consultant in adaptive environmental assessment and management with ESSA Technologies where she became the director of environmental literacy. After retirement, she became the president of the American Society of Cybernetics (ASC). Bunnell discovered her passion for teaching after conducting seminars at UBC through her work at ASC. Bunnell has taught in the Master of Arts in Environmental Education and Communication program as well as the Master of Arts in Environment and Management program at Royal Roads University. She has also taught at the SelfDesign Graduate Institute and the Living Language Institute Foundation.


Bunnell holds a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley. She earned her Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Zoology at the University of British Columbia. She is the recipient of the Norbert Weiner Award for contributions to second order cybernetics (ASC) and the 2010 Royal Roads Kelly Outstanding Teaching Award.